This website formerly retained a webpage through which a replica store, owned and operated by sellers of illegal products, offered fake Chanel for sale.

Pursuant to a United States District Court Judgment and Injunction, the former merchants at the online store, previously appearing at this web address, was held to be liable for selling replica Chanel products. For authentic CHANEL merchandise, please visit the official CHANEL website at

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CHANEL is intent on forestalling sales of all replica products.

CHANEL continuously monitors the web for sites offering infringing items, and will take action immediately as appropritate, including but not limited to opening civil proceedings and submitting criminal complaints against counterfeiters.

To any of you who may be considering buying replica items, we urge you to recognize that by purchasing knockoff Chanel you are supporting criminal activity and ask therefore that you refuse to buy any counterfeit goods.

To the replica sellers, bear in mind that we are watching, listening and will not hesitate to take action.